"Working with the team of Chantal Ross Interior Design & Consulting Inc. has been such a positive experience in many ways. Chantal's vision and pure professionalism was only rivaled by her patience. Interpreting a clients' needs can be very challenging and her team was understanding to my unique vision. I look forward to working with Chantal for my future projects."
— David George Husereau, Executive Chef/Restauranteur

"I first met Chantal back in 1994. From the first time I had a chance to chat with Chantal, I felt like I was having a coffee with my best friend. I can't speak enough about Chantal's ability to come into your home and immediately have a sense of " what to do, what goes where and ultimately what needs to be purchased "in order to complete the project. In the time I have known Chantal I have utilized her services eight times. One of my moves was into a unique 625 square foot condo with eleven-foot ceilings that she professionally designed and space planned. I had an office that had to be incorporated as well. She did an absolutely amazing job; choosing the colors, the flooring, shopping for some of the furniture, which I absolutely loved. Well, we've just purchased another home and we're moving! I'm never concerned about my inability to make our home gorgeous because I have Chantal. She'll be stopping by soon to get an idea what she'll be working with and we'll go from there."
— Mimi Yarmuch

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