“LIVE DIFFERENT!” More than a motto, it's a way of thinking, says designer Chantal Ross. “The spaces we live in help us feel a certain way. My job is to find what feel and look my clients want for their environment, and make that happen.”

From a functional standpoint, Chantal Ross Interior Design has aligned itself with the best in the business. Top-notch master trades people, artisans and vendors all form Chantal's inner circle to deliver on projects, creating unique and special places.

“It’s all in the detail”, Chantal explains. It requires a coordinated effort of insight, design, creativity, teamwork and innovation to deliver on a client's wish. “The teams I pull together make that happen.”

Chantal's focus is always on the client, balancing inspired design with the practical requirements of the client. “I believe you can have both a highly functional space and a bold statement. Whether it is through an incredible fabric used in custom drapery or using a variety of materials in a dining room table. With some thoughtful selections, a beautiful warm space can be created that is truly original to the client.”

From developing the initial concept to the final details of a project, Chantal Ross' 20 years experience in the field, cultured trade partnerships and her never-ending desire to “LIVE DIFFERENT” continue to shine through in her clients' homes.

Live Different
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